Uncosy but marvellous

The “Bunker” in Rostock is a pre-war club location, where Bismark was already enjoying some nice rounds of tabletop football. Unfortunately, the heating system was never modernized to meet the room climate needs of todays average folk concert audience. Luckily we had the ingenious idea of warming up the concert hall by the heat emissions of dancing bodies. No sooner said than done, the wicked hillbilly band “Lappalie”, warrantor for extreme dancing vibes, was invited. Together with us and the coast wide known “golden voice” Hein, an unforgettable evening programme was assembled.

A big thanks goes to the dancing crowd, the first three benevolent CD-buyers and the incredible Lappalie!
In spite of everything, highlight of the night was a spontaneous sofa jam session at our host’s living room with some dudes from “Woodfellas”. We picked them up at three in the morning in front of a mediocre kebab.
Back to business: Hein convinced us in such a way, that we contracted him as a support for our next concert. So, with our band account back at zero but with a handsome sidekick on board we head to our home island: Poel. So see you tonight at “Strandgut”, Kirchdorf.

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