About us

You are daydreaming to the calming sounds of escapism, carried by
a peacefully humming harmonica. And just a few moments later you
are stomping and cheering to the driving melodies of banjo, gui-
tar and walking bass played by three bon vivants in their late
Their clothes still reeking from the fumes of yesterdays bar,
playing until there are blisters on their fingers. This is:
Strainful Train, an acoustic trio based in Berlin, Germany. Their
music is heavily influenced by blues and roots musicians like Taj
Mahal, Sonny Terry & Big Bill Broonzy. With their original songs
they combine the old traditional styles with fresh contemporary
ideas. The lyrics are about the experiences of former gigs, for-
mer love and the absurd tragic and funny adventures of everyday
Coming from different musically backgrounds the band members
started playing together in 2012.
Tim – upright bass
Benny – vocals, harmonica, ukulele & banjo
Hendrik – guitar