Buckle up!

One month of preparation comes to an end. We got nearly nothing finished, but improvisation is going to be a core element of this trip. And here is the plan, stay tuned, because it may change every three days:
Strainful Train, the glorious and forever unknown folk trio is going on tour. And every cosy, shady, chummy or smelly pub we encounter will be granted one to sixteen hours of the choicest handmade music. Until the throats are coarse and the bassist is drunk, even if the barkeeper is the only audience.
We got ourselves a tourbus, a rusty ancient vehicle which Mad Max would be proud of. And Hendryk supplied us with the finest recording equipment ebay has to offer until he had to file for personal bankcruptcy. We even exhausted our computer skills to write this tour blog. Fueled by the lust for adventures and thirst for beer we are setting sails. And maybe we come across your favourite bar.