Take a break and rock hard!

The loyal fans who drop by our blog every day might be wondering, if the lone wolf and his gang went offline. Well, we didn’t, actually we have some exciting news to share with you. We’ve been working on a project. We’ve dived deep into the Strainful Train discography, tore our sweetest, mellow songs out and defiled them with hard and psychodelic rock sounds. Some may say, we betrayed our folk music. Find out yourself and check out “Folk-Verrat”:

But don’t worry – we’re still keeping Strainful Train alive and kicking. In fact, we have collected the broken pieces of our failed vinyl pressing and dedicated the musical works to a somewhat more sustainable medium. Tadaa, come by an check out our new CD “Strainful Train V & 4 1/2”. Additionally, we’ve also been hard at work updating our website. We’ve added new tour dates, so be sure to check those out if you want to catch Benny live. We’ve also updated and expanded our audio links, to always have an idea of how the songs sounded pre-betrayal. So you see, it’s worth it to drop by time by time. Stay tuned.