Bye Berlin!

The nice thing about small places is, that they fill up quickly. Personally, I like the atmosphere induced by vertically piled people. Like yesterday, at the loveliest 6 m² of Berlin, Gabor´s hideaway in Wedding. When we stand right in the middle of the audience, when there is no need for amplification, Strainful Train´s real potential arises. You can smell Benni´s numerous adventures, touch Hendrik´s well groomed hair and see the fear of screwing up the tempo in Tim´s eyes.

Our big gratitude goes to barkeeper Gabor, even though he suddenly demanded a song, we never played before. However, whith a new tune in our repertoire and a filled diesel tank we leave this beautiful city at last. Next target: Rostock. See you tonight, 9pm in the Bunker. With our lads Hein and Lappalie.

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